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Johannesburg Inner City Park Design Competition, in collaboration with StudioMas Architects and Urban Designers.

Our Proposal for the Johannesburg Inner City Park attempts to counter historically constrained perceptions and uses of parks and public spaces in South Africa. Apart from disallowing large portions of people from enjoying communal areas, the type of activities within them have been restricted. By constraining the use of parks and public spaces, it alienated the very people who would benefit the most from these communal spaces and ensure their continued preservation.

With this proposal we are proposing a bold step to change the urban-scape of the inner city of Johannesburg, an intervention that addresses a variety of current challenges and shortfalls, which underlie our choice of location. Our park proposal covers the barrier like railway, dividing the inner city. Its primary area is 2km by 250 meters, stretching from Park Station in the east to the boarders of Page View in the west. It is placed at the hart of the city, within tits historical beginnings, and therefore on the threshold to a variety of amenities, activities apart from where most of its citizens live and work.

Itís sheer size is an important consideration. It allow broader access to itís citizens, across the width of the inner city linking up and intersecting those urban areas where the highest density. Ití size allows for it to have distinct character from one portion to another, and can accommodate a variety of public buildings for example galleries or museums.