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Urban Design Framework for the Germiston Inner City, Ekurhuleni Municipal Council, in collaboration with Urban Dynamics Town Planners.

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM), in its aim to develop Germiston as its Administrative Capital (Metropolitan Headquarters), has embarked on a programme to prepare a Business Plan for the Urban Renewal of Germiston. The aim is to produce a framework to guide renewal, fully utilise in-fill potential of available land, regenerate and reuse existing buildings, expand the range of housing opportunities, maximise accessibility to the city, improve the extensive green infrastructure and utilize heritage buildings to their full potential. The Urban Development and Design Framework further aims to provide residents, tenants, and visitors to Germiston an environment that is supportive to all issues of housing, offices, civic amenities, educational facilities, retail and infrastructure.

The ultimate goal of the Germiston Design and Development Framework is to spatially integrate all the principles into a holistic unit, where none of the components of the urban regeneration are in contradiction to the other. The spatial framework deals with the narrative and its physical interpretation, not only in terms of the urbanity, but also through the landscaping, the landmarking, transportation network, pedestrian flow and orientation. The spatial framework has attempted to achieve the following spatial goals:

  • Give physical form to the vision of Germiston City and its stakeholders.
  • Formulates a coherent, holistic vision for the Inner City of Germiston.
  • Addresses issues of accessibility, transportation and legibility.
  • To ensure that the spatial vision is financially feasible.
  • To link and develop new space systems that connect to and integrate with existing local and regional networks.
  • Creates an environment that fosters exchange between people and ensures a memorable impression.
  • Establishes a framework within which the City of Germiston can expand, without excluding a formerly marginalised sections of the community.
  • It enables an environment that is both safe, secure, distinct and memorable for residents and visitors alike.
  • Creates a balanced environment that caters for pedestrians, and vehicular traffic alike.
  • Proposes a implementation and phasing strategy via the Local District unit that is robust enough to accommodate changes in future needs.
  • Creates an environment which ensures development flexibility and variety for the city authorities, developers and the end users.
  • Maximises the opportunities offered by the existing infrastructure, its natural features, heritage structures, underutilised land and strategic location.
  • Establishes a framework within which a large variety of people can participate and develop their own vision for the future.