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Urban Development Framework and Feasibility Study for Nasrec (Johannesburg development Agency, 2005

Nasrec has been identified as one of the development initiatives to revive the south of Johannesburg, so as to assist the transformation of Johannesburg and Gauteng into an economic, social and cultural centre of Africa, and a world-class metropolis.

The vision for Nasrec is to build upon the precinctís existing large-scale exhibition and stadium facilities as the foremost international event centre for Johannesburg and South Africa with complementary sporting, tourism, and mixed-uses. In addition it is to engage in the process of re-urbanisation of the study area by optimising the use of the unique features that characterise it, such as its heritage and ability to bring together different cultures for shared experiences, environmental characteristics, its infrastructure and facilities, economic and tourism potential.

The study was prepared by the Nasrec Consortium for the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) and the Nasrec Landowners Forum (NLF).