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Precinct Plans for the Germiston Inner City, Ekurhuleni Municipal Council, in collaboration with Urban Dynamics Town Planners.

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM), in its aim to develop the urban settlement of Germiston into a sustainable human settlement and Administrative Capital (Metropolitan Headquarters) of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, it embarked upon an ambitious project to transform Germiston and urban development approaches within Ekurhuleni. In 2010 a Visioning Document, Urban Design Framework & Implementation Plan (referred to as GEAR 2030) was completed and adopted by the EMM. This GEAR 2030 approved document illustrated how the EMM could transform its planned Administrative Headquarters into a sustainable city, by maximizing the use of publically owned land & transforming Germiston into an effective & efficient restructured urban center. To realize this approach and development vision illustrated in GEAR 2030 the EMM expanded this project to include a sequence of plans approach, in order to build on the Urban Design Framework (GEAR 2030) and develop detailed precinct plan and design guidelines (per priority precinct); which is directly coupled to a scope of work and detailed implementation programme. This scope of work is then aimed at the preparation of the tender documentation towards physical implementation and development.