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City of Tshwane Master Planning Project - Paul Kruger Precinct, in collaboration with ARUP

The Paul Kruger Precinct Plan covers the core area of the Inner City, which has a broad range of issues to address not least ensuring it maintains it primacy as a core business and retail location. Providing suitable opportunities for the modernisation and expansion of the Government Estate is key to maintaining investment against the challenge of suburban node locations. This Precinct Plan seeks to take what is best of the existing city and revitalise this to offer a truly contemporary Capital City. Development growth is to be encouraged throughout the Precinct but key development nodes have been identified to encourage fresh investment reinforcing the Inner City as a primary location to work, live and play.

The purpose of this Precinct Plan is to establish a comprehensive strategy for co-ordinated development and design in an area that reflects local aspirations for the future of the area, helping to guide development and provide confidence and certainty to developers and public sector bodies that proposals are grounded. Specifically it will direct development according to a set of key principles and urban design guidelines in order to give effect to the master planning vision of the Inner City Macro Framework at an implementable level.